Hands Off

There are times in life when you want something so badly it hurts, keeps you up at night, and pervades most of your thoughts, actions, and purposeful direction. I'm at that stage in life right now, aching for several things. Things I've been working toward for years and still seem no closer to achieving. This morning, I opened my current devotional book and found:

When It Hurts

We can guard our hearts against being hurt again, by surrounding ourselves with people who give wise counsel. Guarding our heart also means that we are reading the Word, praying, and leaning into the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Taming The Tongue

Gossip is a like a spider web. Have you ever walked down a sidewalk and into a web? You couldn't see it coming and you may not have immediately realized you walked into it. But, as your senses catch up you realize what you have done... if you are like me, panic follows.