The story behind Virtuous Bella

During my prayer time with the Lord, I bring Him my concerns. One of them being that it was hard to find a community for single young adults ladies who were kingdom-minded and aiming to live virtuously for Christ.

People who are:

  1. Trying to live a life pleasing to God
  2. Pursuing a life of purity
  3. Interested in strengthening the body of Christ by being transparent, sharing their testimony and life applications to help those struggling in their faith
  4. Seeking community amongst other single women
  5. Supportive of others and want to see others live to their full God-given potential

Not saying these Christians don’t exist but, for me, I didn’t have good examples of this.

The Lord told me to be the change that I wanted to see. He asked me if I was going to keep pointing out all the problems or do something to help resolve them and uplift the body of Christ. He made it clear that we have to uplift and help one another by cultivating community. We can’t expect the enemy to fix the problem. It’s our responsibility as believers to care for one another and uplift the body of Christ. I will admit I felt inadequate; I’m not a Bible scholar or an English major by any means. I was then led to read Exodus Chapters 3-7 and the story of Moses encouraged me. God isn’t looking for ability He is looking for availability, and we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!

I pray we can build a community of women led by the Spirit in addressing topics that challenge us to think, learn, and grow.

Your sister in Christ,


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