I am My Sisters Keeper!

Sisters Keeper

I put an exclamation after this statement because now of days, us as women and even us as believers are not holding one another accountable. In doing that we let our sisters go off onto a path that God did not send them on, which can lead to pain and suffering that they caused on themselves, unknowingly.

As women of God, we are called to help people with deep rooted issues. The talk in some churches is superficial, when people are struggling with much more than that. In Matthew 15:19 it says,” Out of the heart flows the issues of life.” Well if we don’t check ourselves and get ourselves right first, then how can we look to help other people.

It is painful sometimes to look at all the old things that we hold onto unknowingly because they become an apart of us, but God did not intend for it to be that way. He intended for us to be free and become a part of him and free from sin.

How do we do that? By admitting that we have a problem, confessing our sins, making them known to God, asking for forgiveness and letting him come into our lives and being a living holy sacrifice, pleasing to him. Living a life totally unashamed!

Once we get an understanding that it is not about us and all about our Lord and Savior, then we can share with other believers who are struggling to get past all the pain, doubt and worrying and lead by example.

Sharing your testimony with others is a great start. Being 100% raw and open. Because when we look like or act like we have it all together it can be discouraging for others and in the end, you are only fooling yourself and not God.

However, even while you are still in your process of healing because this is a process, know that you can still encourage people in your process. Don’t feel like you need to have it all together.

Women all over the world are dealing with deep rooted issues. It’s time to get real, its time to let them know the God that you serve is a God of healing, restoration, and freedom. Giver of Life, Joy, peace, and happiness.

Let us come together sisters!


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